Rise in hurricane recovery times could strain mortgage servicers

Katrina fallout: mortgage servicers are dealing with the aftermath of the most costly natural disaster in U.S. history. Gulf Coast homeowners are dealing with job loss, property damage, neighborhood devastation, an overwhelmed insurance industry and uncertainty.

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Mortgage Delinquencies Begin to Recover from Hurricane Season. Nationwide, the 30-day-plus mortgage delinquency rate was 5.1 percent in October 2017, down from 5.2 percent in October 2016. The national foreclosure inventory rate in October 2017 was 0.6 percent, down from 0.8 percent in October 2016.

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While the foreclosure crisis is over and federal regulators are being less assertive on enforcement actions, mortgage servicers must remain vigilant about compliance, as state agencies are stepping up their own oversight, according to Standard & Poor’s.. Rise in hurricane recovery times could.

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Disaster Relief Resources for Individuals After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Hurricanes could bring another disaster: Foreclosures. and allowed mortgage servicers to work out forbearance plans that could delay payments for up to a year.. before the storm and had a.

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In Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, residents are still in the middle of recovery efforts following Hurricane Maria. It may be some time before those real estate markets can be evaluated.

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Servicing Here’s the latest data on the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on mortgages Black Knight: Texas and Florida non-current mortgages surge

Short-term impact. black knight financial services has predicted that the mortgage industry could see up to 300,000 new delinquencies as a result of Hurricane Harvey alone. Extended forbearance programs and foreclosure moratoriums are designed to allow homeowners time to recover from financial distress.

"As a result of Hurricane Harvey, leasing activity has picked up substantially," he said. Construction firms should also receive a boost from the recovery effort. ray vitulli, president and chief operating officer of Allegiance Bank in Houston, said demand for construction loans could increase as people rebuild.

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