Tax reform had an effect on nearly half of homebuyers: Redfin

High-income homebuyers were the most likely to report in this year’s survey that tax reform has had some sort of effect on their home search. Of those homebuyers earning $150,000 or more, 61 percent said that the new tax law had an effect on their home search, which was true for less than half of households earning under $150,000.

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 · But if the person’s tax rate drops to 35 percent, the annual value of the deduction falls by nearly $500 to $3,500. There are other indirect effects, too. The House’s plan would raise the deficit by roughly $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

1. State, local and property tax deductions capped at $10,000. This was a hot-button issue during the debate process, because it significantly reduces the amount of state and local taxes people can deduct when filing. It will affect some homeowners in Washington State who pay property taxes each year.

 · A recent redfin survey asked homebuyers how 2018 tax reform has impacted their home purchase behaviors. The tax changes caused: 8% of homebuyers to move their search to another state; 9% of homebuyers to move their home search to a different city with lower taxes; 10% to purchase a less expensive home; and; 10% to purchase a more expensive home.

 · That’s the status of the housing market these days as tax reform advocates pound the pavement for putting the home mortgage interest deduction on the chopping block.. that’s nearly half.

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Tax reform had an effect on nearly half of homebuyers: Redfin Wage growth fuels a shift in how millennials fund down payments Freddie prices its first CRT bonds backed by tax-exempt rental loans

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 · The tax law limits deductions for state and local taxes, including property tax, to $10,000. Under the new rules, a New Yorker with $10 million in ordinary income and a $10 million home would have saved $1,173,278 in total taxes by relocating to Florida on Jan. 1, 2018, when the law took effect.

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